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Hey there I'm Ray and music is my life!! My favorite band is Green Day, with My Chemical Romance coming in a close second. I play a Fender and a Billie Joe sig Les Paul, and I've been playing guitar for almost 4 years. I'm also I huge enviornmental my first blog to learn more!! Also, I want to marry Gerard Way when I'm older...mhmm that's right!! <3

My "Locker"

Answer 3 questions
right to see what's
Locked Inside!
What's inside?
My love, my true love...only inside...

Question 1: 8954689598 x 90485955778 x 4857934573458734957893464890096890309459038969856985986 x 0 x 3458345989384953745798 + 1 - 0 - 945689549690 x (58674584)(48753945485) x 9 = _____(z) Do the math.
A) z= 94690749095609506
B) z= 0
C) z= I have no idea!

Question 2: What is the hot vampire\'s name (one of the main characters)in Twilight?
A) Jasper
B) Alexander
C) Edward

Question 3: What was Billie Joe Armstrong\'s cat\'s name, and how did he die?
A) His name was Frank Edwin Wright the IIII and he died in the drier.
B) His name was Zero, and he died in the drier
C) His name was Zero, and he died of old ago.

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